We are empowered to be extraordinary — and it shows.

Behind every great company is a culture created by the professionals who are living its experiences and sharing the stories that define it. At Baird & Warner, throughout our rich history our goal has been to empower those around us to be better. 

Empowered to be [better], or E2B, is our commitment to our broker associates, providing them the tangible and intangible means to expand their business and thrive as real estate professionals. E2B highlights each Baird & Warner team member’s opportunity for growth, and even transcendence, to empower all of our associates to live life the way they want. 

E2B [a top producer] 
Through face-to-face training and mentorship, Baird & Warner helps you achieve your business and personal goals. Whether you’re a new broker associate learning the business through our Career Institute classes or a seasoned professional working with a non-competing managing broker on your annual business plan, you will experience hands-on support.

E2B [more productive]
Helping our broker associates and employees achieve their professional passions and work/life balance is something we value. Our suite of industry leading tools, first-to-market technology and extensive support services will help your business run more efficiently so you can focus on what you do best.     

E2B [part of a family]
Baird & Warner is first and foremost a family company, and each broker associate and employee is a part of that family. Through open doors and open minds, helping hands and genuine smiles, we are here for you.  

By empowering our broker associates to be their best, we create something extraordinary. Something impactful. Something recognized by the entire Chicagoland community. This year, Baird & Warner received its fifth consecutive Top Workplace award from the Chicago Tribune.

“To me, being a Top Workplace five years running is about doing things the right way. It means creating a culture of open doors and open minds that empowers us to grow as individuals and thrive as a company. I am immensely proud of all that we have achieved, and I firmly believe that by empowering our people -- nearly 2,300 across Chicagoland -- we are building a solid foundation for the future.”

- Steve Baird, president and CEO of Baird & Warner