Proper Procedure for Registering Referrals

All referrals must FIRST be registered with Baird & Warner Referral Associates Network to ensure proper credit and payment; members are not to directly place referrals with sales brokers themselves...

Referrals are to be sent electronically using the buyer or seller referral e-forms located on the Submit A Referral Online tab, e-mailed to or phoned in to 312.857.9565. Referrals are placed locally with a Baird & Warner Residential Sales broker, or nationally through the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® network. Requests for specific Realtors® or Brokers are honored.

When placing a referral, Referral Associates must include the following client information:

  • names
  • addresses
  • business phone
  • home phone numbers
  • along with other pertinent information to assist the referral coordinator in placing referrals with brokers best suited to fit their client’s needs.

If a referred client is already working with a sales broker, RAN will notify the Referral Associate that the referral will not be accepted.

Commission Fee Example